One of the scariest things to do in life is to Restart. To stop where you are and begin again, it may also be one of the most important things that you do. Life can throw you for a loop and have you end up in a completely different place than where you want to be. One day, you just wake up and you're pissed because you're not happy. Wondering where do you go from here, how do you begin again and get it right. That's where I found myself and that's when and why Pushing Restart is necessary. Restarting and renewing requires reconstruction. This means that you will have to begin at your core improve and increase yourself in all areas. This book is your guide to doing just that. Renewing your sense of self and how you connect with those areas of yourself that you've long since disconnected with, relating to others on your journey and rebuilding your concept of relationships, and Restarting in wholeness. This is the goal. Michael Maceo touches on the core areas of well-being and helps you renew, relate and restart in this simple guide that will have profound results on your life

Pushing Restart